2021 UPDATE:

It’s been quite a couple of years! I’m currently taking some time for sabbatical and won’t be offering any workshops/gatherings, nor offering sessions with clients until at least January 2022. Stay tuned for updates!


Because of my training, heritage and personal leanings, the services I offer are primarily based on Core Shamanic healing practices with a dash of Celtic paganism thrown in. I work directly with my Spirit Allies to determine what method of healing, ritual, or practice is the most efficient, effective and poignant to your healing. (For more information on Shamanic healing, see my What is Shamanic Healing? page.)


Initial session: $120
Follow-up: $90
My rates are suggested rates, in Canadian currency.  Most of the healing work I offer benefits from at least one follow up session.

Healing sessions are with you in your own home (or by distance) which allows you to easily transition to absorbing the healing without the need to venture out into the rest of the world.  I offer appointments on Mondays (other times on special arrangement). Because this is a part-time healing practice, I limit the number of active clients at any given period and I fully trust that the Spirits will help facilitate the right place and timing for your healing.

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes through the course of our lives, we can lose pieces of ourselves. Soul retrieval is the process of restoring connection with those pieces.

Power Animal Retrieval

It’s good to have allies. In fact, some would say it is imperative. Power Animal Retrieval is helping you get in touch with your allies and learning how to maintain that relationship.

Extraction healing

Just like our physical bodies can pick up infections, sometimes we can pick up spiritual intrusions. Extraction healing cleans you up so you aren’t carrying around things that aren’t yours.

Healing for land and spaces

Just like people, land and buildings can benefit from spiritual support. Sometimes problems you are experiencing may have more to do with the location you are in than how you are personally.

Ritual design

Do you have a life event you would like to honour with ritual? I love working with clients to develop individualized ritual to acknowledge these passages.

Creation of sacred objects

I have fun calling spirit into form and currently masks and drum beaters are currently my favourite ways to do this (typically crafted on an individualized, commission basis). See my Gallery page for past projects.