I’m Christobel and the “face” of Phosphorescence Healing Arts. I can’t quite tell you how I got into working with the spirit world – it’s just one of those things that has always been in my life. Death made its presence known in my childhood and has been a recurring and close visitor ever since. That, along with other struggles of life have pressed me to become a student in the pursuit of joy: relentlessly, and with discipline. I’m not saying we can avoid all discomfort in life (nor should we), but there has been enough suffering in my life to teach me that I prefer the alternative, whenever I have the ability to choose it. (And why not choose it?!)

Through my life, two things have been my reliable refuge: the compassionate spirits, and nature.  I feel blessed that I have founds ways to be of service to both. In my day job, I’m an engineer in the sustainable building industry, waving the flag for buildings that are more gentle on the planet. And when I’m not pushing spreadsheets around, I get to pick up my drum, teach workshops,  offer shamanic healing services, and basically hang out with other like-minded souls as “crazy” as me. (Looks at you reading this…)

And phosphorescence? Well heck – it’s magical. And it sparkles in the dark. Just like the first seeds of joy can in troubled times.
You know what I mean.

A word on wording

Throughout this website, I’ll refer to shamanic practices and shamanic healing. You need to know the work I do involves asking the benevolent spirits for help in the relief of suffering. One common, current term for working with the spirit world is “shamanism”. In reality, the word Shaman comes specifically from the Tungus speaking people of Siberia, but it has been adapted (or co-opted) to be used more broadly.

I offer my great gratitude and respect for the indigenous  spirit workers of the world who have kept this type of work alive (sometimes at peril to their own lives). I am grateful that some of these gifted healers graciously offered their teachings to my teachers  with the result that practices long underground in our western culture could be rekindled.  

My preference is to call myself a witch as this best acknowledges my own cultural lineage of people who worked with the spirit world. 

But, I get it! The word “witch” packs a punch! So as not to constantly be jarring you, I may refer to myself as a “shamanic practitioner”. 

Please know there are centuries of misunderstanding of what being a witch means, and these misconceptions continue to run rampant in modern culture and media. 

For me, being a witch means to think, speak and act with the best integrity I can muster. It means to be an advocate for our beloved Mother Earth: the oceans, nature, trees, animals, clouds – from bugs to barnacles. To be a spiritual advocate for you and your healing. It means to create mindfully, with intent to harm none (and if possible, for the good of all). Always it means attempting to walk a path of mediation and advocacy between the spirit and natural world, and our human existence.

I’m not perfect, but I try.