I love phosphorescence – it stirs happy memories of beauty and summer seas. It is also a powerful metaphor for healing. Phosphorescence is light created from movement, and healing is much like that. In the midst of darkness, healing may start with the smallest small flicker of light. From there, the glow can grow toward the radiance of you living a bright, joyful, meaningful life.

Your return to your best self is a gift to the world, and I would be honoured to help support you toward that luminous goal. If you like the sounds of that, then please read on…


I teach Core Shamanism workshops on behalf of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS): a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants.


Shamanic healing practices involve working with the spirit world to access the non-ordinary and sometimes miraculous. In my shamanic healing work, I call upon the kindness of compassionate spirits to help alleviate your suffering and guide you to greater joy.


Oh, and I do have fun playing with sticks and glue guns and polymer clay and fleece and all manner of media which can aid me in calling spirit into form. I’m particularly drawn to creating masks and drum beaters (typically crafted on an individualized, commission basis). 


In basic terms, I like to think of shamanic healing as spiritual tidying: we lose spiritual parts of ourselves, shamanic healing helps bring them back. We accumulate things that aren’t ours, shamanic healing removes them.